Mason Web Analytics

Web Analytics at Mason

ITS provides a standard web analytics implementation for all Mason websites, and offers support, consultation, and training for the Mason community in web analytics.

For general inquiries or questions, please email us at

To submit a web analytics service request, please submit the “Web Services” service request form. On the form, please select “Web Analytics” as the “Web Service Type”.

About Mason Web Analytics

What is the Mason Web Analytics platform? How are web analytics implemented at Mason? How does it work? What data is available?

Getting Access to Mason Web Analytics

Do you need access to web analytics for your position? How do you see your Google Analytics reports? Is a marketing vendor asking for full administrator rights to be able to place a tracking tag or pixel?

Learn More About Web Analytics

What data should you be looking at in your reports? How do you use campaign tagging in your marketing campaigns? How is your website performing? How can you learn more?

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