Amazon HQ2 Campaign-Tagging

General Campaign Info

We will use the following vanity domain for links related to this campaign:

We will reserve the other vanity domain ( for future use related to this campaign (possibly for radio ads).

We will use the following campaign name for campaign-tagging: amazonhq2

The intended landing page for this campaign is:

Campaign-Tagging Scheme

Any link we share related to this campaign should, at minimum, include the campaign parameter.

For example, the base domain ( should redirect to:
(Note that this link includes the campaign name only, but doesn’t specify a medium or source.)

For more specific attribution for ads, we can use paths (slugs) under the vanity domain ( with the medium and source parameters set in addition to the campaign parameter.

Under this scheme, if people type in the full URL, it will be attributed correctly (medium, source, campaign).

If people don’t type in the full URL, but instead just type in the domain, at least we will still get the correct campaign attribution, but not the source and medium.

If someone inadvertently uses the vanity domain in another context (they hopefully wouldn’t include the path/slug as well), the campaign attribution will still be correct – and we won’t be mis-attributing the medium and source.

Washington Post Print Ad

For the Washington Post print ad, we should include the following URL in the print copy:

This URL ( should redirect to:

Washington Post Display Ads

For display ads, we don’t need to provide a visible URL, as the ad should link directly to the intended landing page along with specific campaign-parameters.
If we want to display a visible URL, we should provide only the base URL (

The Washington Post display ad should link to: