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Measuring Site Speed with Google Analytics

Google Analytics Site Speed Metrics

  • Average Domain Lookup Time
  • Average Server Response Time
  • Average Server Connection Time
  • Average Redirection Time
  • Average Page Download Time
  • Average Document Content Loaded Time
  • Average Document Interactive Time
  • Average Page Load Time – This is the most critical of all speed metrics, since it measures the total amount of time to load the page completely.
  • Page Load Sample

Example Site Speed Report

Account: mason office of communications and marketing
View: [PROD] Default 2.0 (2017-06-25)
Report (custom): Landing Pages Speed Details
Date Range: 2017-06-25 – Now
Graph: Entrances vs. Avg. Page Load Time

Note the increased page load times on Sundays. This must be our maintenance window.
Saturdays are actually our lowest-traffic day. Perhaps the maintenance window should be on Saturday.

Graph: Entrances vs. Avg. Domain Lookup Time

Note differences in chart. There are a couple of days outside of the scheduled maintenance window (Aug. 16 & Aug. 25) that resulted in increased domain lookup time.

Graph: Entrances vs. Avg. Page Download Time

Note differences in chart. July 9 had increased page downloads times that probably accounted for most of the increase in average page load time for that date.

Filter: Include -> Entrances -> Greater than -> 10,000 (about 1% of entrances for this time period)

This will allow you to sort by page timings while limiting the display to only the most important pages.