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Google Analytics Mobile Technical Audit Report

This report will help to identify technical issues with mobile devices for specific combinations of mobile devices, operating systems, browsers, and browser versions.

Note that this particular view of the data could only be accomplished as a custom report, since the standard Google Analytics reporting interface will only allow you to segment the data by two dimensions at a time. Here we are segmenting by four dimensions simultaneously.

If you see that a particular line in this report for your website has a higher-than-average bounce rate or average page load time, there may be an issue on your website with that particular combination of device/OS/browser/version.

Here is a link to import the “Tech: Mobile Device\OS\Browser\Version” custom report into your GA account:


Account: Mason Communications and Marketing 01
View: All Web Site Data
Date Range: Jan 1, 2017-Mar 31, 2017
Custom Report: “Tech: Mobile Device\OS\Browser\Version”

Apple iPhones are by far our most common mobile device types (specifically iPhones running Safari 10).
In most cases, GA cannot determine the model of iPhone. (See more info here:
Apple iPhones seem to consistently bounce at higher rates than average. Note the bounce rates at 40% and above. This is even higher that the average for mobile devices (which is already significantly higher than the bounce rate for desktop), as you can see from the standard GA Audience -> Mobile -> Overview and Audience -> Mobile -> Devices reports.
Our most common combinations of Mobile Device\OS\Browser has highest page load times.