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Google Analytics Technical Audit Reports

This report will help to identify technical issues with specific combinations of devices, operating systems, and browsers.

You can infer that there may be technical issues by reviewing the average page load time and the bounce rate. If you see that a particular line in this report for your website has a higher-than-average bounce rate or average page load time, there may be an issue on your website with that particular combination of device/OS/browser. If the average page load time is higher in a particular case than in others, there may be ways you can optimize the website for that type of user. If the bounce rate is markedly higher in case than in others, there may be usability issues for those users.

This report includes both desktop and mobile, but you can apply a report filter to see only one or the other.

Note that this particular view of the data could only be accomplished as a custom report, since the standard Google Analytics reporting interface will only allow you to segment the data by two dimensions at a time. In this report we are segmenting by three dimensions simultaneously. (In order to segment the data by multiple dimensions in a GA custom report, you have to select a report type of “Flat Table”.

Here is a link to import the custom report:


Account: Mason Communications and Marketing 01
View: All Web Site Data
Date Range: Jan 1, 2017-Mar 31, 2017
Custom Report: Tech: Device\OS\Browser\Version

The Device Category/OS/Browser/Version combination with the highest bounce rate is also the one with the highest page load time. Coincidence?
– And more than half of these sessions are new users!
This is the second most common combination of device/OS/browser/version used by our website visitors over this time period, accounting for ~156,608 sessions. Are we losing ~12.08% (difference between bounce rates in positions 1 and 2) of those visits (~18,918) due to website issues?

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