Google Analytics Roll-Up

What is a ‘Roll-Up’ Property

A ‘Roll-Up’ property is a shared Google Analytics web tracking property which collects analytics data from multiple related websites to build a ‘big-picture’ view of a user’s visit across all websites included in the roll-up.

What is the Mason Google Analytics ‘Roll-Up’

The Mason Google Analytics Roll-Up is a roll-up property which collects data from virtually all George Mason University websites. This allows us to aggregate web tracking information from all of the Mason-related websites into a single web Google Analytics property and see the full picture of a website visit.

Why have Roll-Up Properties?

In the past, each website collected their own analytics data totally separately, and there was no single place where one could see the full picture of a user’s visit across multiple Mason websites – for example a visit that starts on one Mason website and then clicks-over to another Mason website – a very common scenario.

By aggregating each websites analytics tracking data into Mason’s analytics roll-up properties, you web traffic will be combined with others to provide a big-picture view of the university’s overall web traffic.

Please be aware that contributing data to the roll-up account happens in addition to and parallel with analytics tracking for your individual website. So you can still look at your website analytics in isolation when needed.

Beginning August 2021, Mason has implemented a roll-up property for Google Analytics 4!