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Interesting Segments: Skipping Homepage, High-Engagers

Sessions Which Do Not Include a View of the Homepage

Example segment: Sessions: Exclude: Page: Homepage (Note: this segment is designed for the Mason core website. It may need to be modified to work with your website.)
What it includes: This segment will include only sessions which do not view the homepage.
Why it is useful: If a significant peecentage of your sessions do not pass through the homepage at all, you need to make sure important information is not restricted to the homepage. It is also interesting to see how people are using your website in ways that never take them to the homepage. This may uncover interesting ‘audiences’ that you did not anticipate.
Example: Edit Segment -> Summary -> View user and session statistics -> 42.68% of users have at least one session which does not view the hoempage. 37.32% of sessions do not view the homepage. That is significant.
Example: Behavior -> Behavior Flow -> Apply Segment -> Note landing pages and bounce rates.


Example segment: High-Engagers
What it includes: This segment will include users who:

  • Have completed a goal, or
  • Have viewed four or more pages in a session, or
  • Have spent more than 3 minutes on the website in a session.

Of course you may want to customize these values for your own purposes based on what you consider “high-engagement”.
Why it is useful: This allows you to filter your audience to see how people are using your website who are using it more than just casually.
Example: Audience -> Geo -> Location -> Note differences in national profiles (notably India, UK, South Korea).