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GTM Update / Problems with Video Tracking Tag

Google Tag Manager appears to have undergone an update in the past couple of days.
The Accounts screen appears to be a bit visually different.

But more importantly, we are now getting an error when trying to instantiate new instances of the Mason Standard GTM container:

It appears that GTM no longer will allow use of custom HTML tags which use the ‘eval’ command in JavaScript.
This policy is preventing us from using our regular YouTube video tracker script.

Interestingly, I have been able to edit and publish existing containers which include this script, meaning that it appears the prior uses of this command are ‘grandfathered-in’.

But for new GTM containers, I have had to remove this script in order to get it to load.

This means that new instances of the Mason Standard GTM container will not be able to track user interaction with embedded videos until we find an alternative.