Public 90-day Analytics Review

Google Analytics Information

Account: Mason Facilities
View: [PROD] – default 1.0 (2018-09-12)
Date range: Sep 1, 2018 – Jan 8, 2019


Redesigned website launched 2018-08-17
Analytics tracking started 2018-09-12 using the Mason standard GTM container
Following the initial 30-day analytics review, the referral exclusion list was modified and site search tracking was set-up.

Comparison with Old Site(s)

The new transportation site combines information from the old parking, transportation, and shuttle websites.

The bounce rate much lower: there more info on a single site, but…
The session duration about the same: people are finding info they need more quickly/efficiently

Analytics Review

Users by time of day (90 days)
Mondays are busiest

Audience \ Overview
Note strong weekly pattern – Monday is busy day.
Note drops during Thanksgiving, holiday break

Audience \ Geo \ Location
Note locations

Audience \ Mobile \ Overview
Evenly split between mobile and desktop
Bounce rate much higher on mobile

Acquisition \ Overview
Most traffic comes via organic search

Acquisition \ All Traffic \ Referrals
Note top referrers

Acquisition \ All Traffic \ Channels
Note difference between acquisition numbers by channel and bounce rate
Bounce rate for social is high, but that might not be a bad thing…

Social \ Reddit
Add secondary dimension of Full Referrer
Note interesting reddit threads

Acquisition \ Campaigns \ All Campaigns
Basically no campaign activity.
There is a single, low-traffic campaign which is not from Mason Facilities.
secondary dimension: Source / Medium
secondary dimension: landing page

Behavior \ Behavior Flow

Behavior \ Site Content \ Landing Pages
Note top landing pages
Pie chart
1/3 of all landings are on the parking services page
Homepage is #5 – only 4.7 percent of the time does the user start on the homepage
Bounce rates are generally low
Note high bounce rate for visitor parking – probably a good thing

Behavior \ Site Content \ All Pages
Note top pages

Behavior \ Site Speed \ Overview
New site is slower
But other metrics do not indicate that this is a problem

Behavior \ Site Search
Note when site search tracking was implemented

Behavior \ Site Search \ Search Terms
Note search terms

Behavior \ Events \ Top Events
review top outbound links, downloads, video plays



Set-up website goals

To Do

Confirm we are excluding internal traffic. Website administrator should confirm that the WordPress Google Tag Manager plugin is configured as shown in step 3B of the following page: