Public 90-day Analytics Review

Google Analytics Information

Account: Mason Facilities
View: [PROD] – default 1.0 (2018-09-12)
Date range: Sep 1, 2018 – Jan 8, 2019


Redesigned website launched 2018-08-17
Analytics tracking started 2018-09-12 using the Mason standard GTM container
Following the initial 30-day analytics review, the referral exclusion list was modified and site search tracking was set-up.

Comparison with Old Site(s)

The new transportation site combines information from the old parking, transportation, and shuttle websites.

The bounce rate much lower: there more info on a single site, but…
The session duration about the same: people are finding info they need more quickly/efficiently

Analytics Review

Users by time of day (90 days)
Mondays are busiest

Audience \ Overview
Note strong weekly pattern – Monday is busy day.
Note drops during Thanksgiving, holiday break

Audience \ Geo \ Location
Note locations

Audience \ Mobile \ Overview
Evenly split between mobile and desktop
Bounce rate much higher on mobile

Acquisition \ Overview
Most traffic comes via organic search

Acquisition \ All Traffic \ Referrals
Note top referrers

Acquisition \ All Traffic \ Channels
Note difference between acquisition numbers by channel and bounce rate
Bounce rate for social is high, but that might not be a bad thing…

Social \ Reddit
Add secondary dimension of Full Referrer
Note interesting reddit threads

Acquisition \ Campaigns \ All Campaigns
Basically no campaign activity.
There is a single, low-traffic campaign which is not from Mason Facilities.
secondary dimension: Source / Medium
secondary dimension: landing page

Behavior \ Behavior Flow

Behavior \ Site Content \ Landing Pages
Note top landing pages
Pie chart
1/3 of all landings are on the parking services page
Homepage is #5 – only 4.7 percent of the time does the user start on the homepage
Bounce rates are generally low
Note high bounce rate for visitor parking – probably a good thing

Behavior \ Site Content \ All Pages
Note top pages

Behavior \ Site Speed \ Overview
New site is slower
But other metrics do not indicate that this is a problem

Behavior \ Site Search
Note when site search tracking was implemented

Behavior \ Site Search \ Search Terms
Note search terms

Behavior \ Events \ Top Events
review top outbound links, downloads, video plays


Resource: https://masonanalytics.local/2017/04/17/campaign-tagging/

Set-up website goals
Resource: https://masonanalytics.local/2018/03/27/the-importance-of-goals-in-google-analytics/

To Do

Confirm we are excluding internal traffic. Website administrator should confirm that the WordPress Google Tag Manager plugin is configured as shown in step 3B of the following page: https://masonanalytics.local/2017/06/23/how-to-implement-google-tag-manager-in-wordpress/