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A Simple Rubric for Using Campaign Tagging Parameters

Definition: Rubric

Rubric: a statement of purpose or function


Campaign-Tagging data should include:

  • What is it?
  • Who sent it?
  • What is it about?


Campaign-tagging gives you complete control over how the traffic originating from your marketing activities are categorized and labelled in your website analytics.

Since you can customize exactly how your links are tagged, it’s very important to develop and use a campaign tagging schema that:

  • makes sense;
  • is analogous to your marketing efforts;
  • allows you to measure what you want to measure;
  • is kept consistent.

There are 3 required campaign-tagging fields, and five fields in total:

  • Required:

    • Medium
    • Source
    • Campaign
  • Optional:

    • Content
    • Term

Often people have trouble contextualizing what data should go in what fields (i.e. what each field should be used for).
Below is the simplest explanation I have come up with for what data each field should contain.

The Rubric


Medium: What is it?
Source: Who sent it? (or, Where did it come from?)
Campaign: What is it about?


Content: What does it say?
Term: If it is related to an advertising search term, what term is it related to?