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Analytics Update – February 2018

New Websites in Mason Google Analytics Roll-Up

Below are the new websites (hostnames) showing-up the in Mason Google Analytics Roll-Up since our last meeting:

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New Custom Segment: Referrals From Mason Websites

I have added a new segment to the Mason-Related Custom segments page which includes only referral traffic from other Mason websites.

“Other Mason websites” is defined as those websites for which the domain name contains “” or “”.

New Custom Segments: Individual Mason Campuses

I have created a set of new Google Analytics custom segments to allow you to identify traffic from each Mason campus. These new custom dimensions can be found on the Mason-Related Custom Segments page.

LinkedIn Insight Tag / Demographic Data

We have implemented the LinkedIn Insight tag on the core website.

This is a tag from LinkedIn that provides us demographic data about our website visitors including professional information such as job title, industry, etc.

What is this data? Is it reliable?
Could it be useful? Perhaps for units/departments such as Executive and Professional Education, School of Business,, etc.
Can we validate it?

Filtering Internal Traffic via Cookie

It is difficult to reliably filter-out internal staff traffic. To accomplish this, I am considering developing a web page which, when visited, would set a cookie in the users browser indicating that the user is an internal user.

The Mason Standard GTM Container would be configured to check for the presence of this cookie and would not fire any tracking tags if it was found.

Users should be able to confirm their intent on the web page before the cookie is set and the Mason Standard GTM container should output confirmation that it detected the cookie to the browser console.

CVPA Conversion Attribution

Update on CVPA conversion atribution.

Calendar websites analytics appearing in related websites analytics properties (with hostname prefix).
We may want to move analytics into related websites analytics properties as well.

Updates to Mason Campaign URL Builder

I have made some updates to the Mason Campaign URL builder to improve the interface and make it more understandable.

More info:

Mason Standard GTM Container Version 3.3 Released

I have released an updated version of the Mason Campaign URL Builder.

More info:

New Built-In Google Tag Manager Triggers Available

GTM has two new built-in trigger types available.

  • Scroll depth
  • Element visibility

I anticipate integrating the scroll depth tracking into the next version of the Mason Standard GTM container.

Google Search Console Updates

The Google Search Console has received an update.

More info from Google here: Google Webmaster Central Blog: Introducing the new Search Console