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Analytics Update – September 2017

New Websites in Mason Google Analytics Roll-Up

Below are the new websites (hostnames) showing-up the in Mason Google Analytics Roll-Up since our last meeting:

HostnameBusiness UnitImport Date 9/26/2017 9/26/2017 9/26/2017 9/26/2017 9/26/2017
evsl.vsnet.gmu.eduVSE9/26/2017 9/26/2017 9/26/2017 9/26/2017
learnmore.gmu.eduSPGIA9/26/2017 9/26/2017 9/26/2017 9/26/2017 9/26/2017 9/26/2017 9/26/2017

Websites Coming Soon

  • Volgenau
  • Mason Athletics (
  • ITS

Changes to Google Analytics Interface - User Visiblity

Google Analytics users will soon have the ability to see who else has permissions on a Google Analytics account, even for those users who don’t have “manage users” access:

New Versions of the Mason Standard GTM Container

We have released two updates to the Standard Mason GTM Container.

Coming soon: scroll depth tracking.

Core Site Search Activity Summary