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Google Analytics: Three Ways to Pull Data

For this example, we will be pulling the top 100 internal site search terms from the Mason core website ( for the ‘off-campus’ segment.

Account: Mason Office of Communications and Marketing
View: [PROD] Default 2.0 (2017-06-25)
Date Range: Jul 31, 2017 – Aug 6, 2017
Segment: Service Provider: Not George Mason University (“Off-Campus”)

Dimension(s): Search Term
Metric(s): Total Unique Searches

Method 1 – Using the Google Analytics Standard Interface

Using the standard Google Analytics web interface, navigate to the Behavior -> Site Search -> Search Terms report for the analytics property and date range listed above.

Method 2 – Using the Google Analytics Query Explorer

Using the Google Analytics Query Explorer, create a query as shown in the screenshot below.

Run the query, and see that the data matches that of the GA web interface.

Method 3 – Using the AnalyticsEdge Microsoft Excel Add-In

Using the Analytics Edge Microsoft Excel plugin, create a Google Analytics report to match the above criteria.

If you have not done so already, you’ll need to install the plugin, and log-in with your Google Analytics account.

Run the report and see that the numbers match what we saw using the standard GA web interface, or the Google Analytics Query Explorer.