New Google Analytics Homepage

The Google Analytics interface has been redesigned to include a new homepage.

More info on the new GA homepage from the Google Analytics Blog

  • Mini-reports with links to the associated full reports.
  • Can change date range in each mini-report (except for Real-Time report).
  • The layout is customized based on your setup. For example, if you have Goals or Ecommerce set-up, the associate mini reports will appear.

Audience Overview

  • Can easily switch between metrics (users, sessions, bounce rate, session duration).
  • Can set time ranges and compare across time ranges. See example of July 4th weekend.

Real-Time Report

  • Can see current users, pageviews per minute, top pages.

Acquisition Report

  • “How do you acquire users?”
  • Overview of where your users come from.

Active Users Report

  • “How are your active users trending over time?”
  • See trend of daily, weekly, monthly users.

Cohort Analysis Report

  • “How well do you retain users?”
  • See what percentage of your users continue to visit.

Time-of-Day Report

  • “When do your users visit?”
  • What are the ‘busy’ times on the website.

Geographic Report

  • “Where are your users?”

Devices Report

  • “What are your top devices?”

Top Pages Report

  • “What pages do your users visit?”

Goal Completions Report

  • “How are you performing against goals?”