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Analytics Update – May 2017

New Websites in Roll-Up

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Google Tag Manager

I have begun implementing Google Tag Manager on both WordPress and Drupal platforms. Over time, this will likely replace our existing standard Google Analytics code-based implementations.

I am happy to offer assistance with GTM implementation, and will be providing example GTM containers for both WordPress and Drupal websites that you can use as a starting point or modify as needed. These GTM containers will include standard pageview tracking, event tracking for external links/downloads/email links, and integration with the university roll-up property.

25Live Integration

The 25Live website ‘widget’ is instantiated by a JavaScript snippet which dynamically loads an iFrame to display the events listing/calendar. Unfortunately, this makes it quite difficult to track activity on the 25Live events listing/calendar with Google Analytics. 25Live does not offer a way to natively integrate with Google Analytics.

In coordination with CVPA and CEHD, we have developed a plan that would – in principle – make the 25Live content trackable by Google Analytics. We believe that it would be possible to use PHP to parse the RSS feed of the event calendar in real-time when the page is generated by the server in order to have the 25Live content appear directly on the host website (rather than in an iFrame on the host website). This would mean that we would be able to detect clicks on the calendar links using Google Analytics and would also allow the content to be indexed by search engines.

TouchNet Marketplace Integration

The university is exploring the possibility using TouchNet marketplace (basically an online store) to allow departments to process online transactions.

TouchNet Marketplace does offer GA integration, but only to a single GA property. This means that all ‘stores’ in the Marketplace (Mason departments) would be sending data to a single GA property. (It would be nice if each ‘store’ could send its GA data to each department’s GA property.) My suggestion is to create a unique GA property for all TouchNet Marketplace data, and use separate views within this property for each unit’s data. Each view would filter the property data for just the data related to that unit’s ‘stores’.


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