Meeting Information

Date: 8/24/2016
Time: 2pm
Location: Innovation Hall 211
Streaming Link: https://bluejeans.com/834348332


Distinguishing Between Mason-Related and Non-Mason Related Outbound Links - Andrew Stevens

In the analytics javascript file: https://www2.gmu.edu/sites/all/modules/contrib/google_analytics/googleanalytics.js

On line 36 you can see where the outbound linked resource, ‘this.href’, is being tested to determine if it is, in fact, a url before recording it as an outbound link. To removed certain outbound domains from being recorded as ‘outbound’, an added conditional could be added to stop the outbound link action from being triggered for certain domains.

(function ($) {

Drupal.googleanalytics = {};

$(document).ready(function() {

  // Attach mousedown, keyup, touchstart events to document only and catch
  // clicks on all elements.
  $(document.body).bind("mousedown keyup touchstart", function(event) {

    // Catch the closest surrounding link of a clicked element.
    $(event.target).closest("a,area").each(function() {

      // Is the clicked URL internal?
      if (Drupal.googleanalytics.isInternal(this.href)) {
        // Skip 'click' tracking, if custom tracking events are bound.
        if ($(this).is('.colorbox')) {
          // Do nothing here. The custom event will handle all tracking.
          //console.info("Click on .colorbox item has been detected.");
        // Is download tracking activated and the file extension configured for download tracking?
        else if (Drupal.settings.googleanalytics.trackDownload && Drupal.googleanalytics.isDownload(this.href)) {
          // Download link clicked.
          ga("send", "event", "Downloads", Drupal.googleanalytics.getDownloadExtension(this.href).toUpperCase(), Drupal.googleanalytics.getPageUrl(this.href));
        else if (Drupal.googleanalytics.isInternalSpecial(this.href)) {
          // Keep the internal URL for Google Analytics website overlay intact.
          ga("send", "pageview", { "page": Drupal.googleanalytics.getPageUrl(this.href) });
      else {
        if (Drupal.settings.googleanalytics.trackMailto && $(this).is("a[href^='mailto:'],area[href^='mailto:']")) {
          // Mailto link clicked.
          ga("send", "event", "Mails", "Click", this.href.substring(7));
        else if (Drupal.settings.googleanalytics.trackOutbound && this.href.match(/^\w+:\/\//i)) {
          if (Drupal.settings.googleanalytics.trackDomainMode != 2 || (Drupal.settings.googleanalytics.trackDomainMode == 2 && !Drupal.googleanalytics.isCrossDomain(this.hostname, Drupal.settings.googleanalytics.trackCrossDomains))) {
            // External link clicked / No top-level cross domain clicked.
            ga("send", "event", "Outbound links", "Click", this.href);

 * Check whether the hostname is part of the cross domains or not.
 * @param string hostname
 *   The hostname of the clicked URL.
 * @param array crossDomains
 *   All cross domain hostnames as JS array.
 * @return boolean
Drupal.googleanalytics.isCrossDomain = function (hostname, crossDomains) {
  if (!crossDomains) {
    return false;
  else {
    return $.inArray(hostname, crossDomains) > -1 ? true : false;

 * Check whether this is an absolute internal URL or not.
 * @param string url
 *   The web url to check.
 * @return boolean
Drupal.googleanalytics.isInternal = function (url) {
  var isInternal = new RegExp("^(https?):\/\/" + window.location.host, "i");
  return isInternal.test(url);

Mason Analytics Update

New Sites in Roll-Up
  • diversity.gmu.edu – launched: Aug 10, 2016 – not indexed to business unit.
  • odl.gmu.edu – added to roll-up: July 26, 2016 – not indexed to business unit.
  • seor.gmu.edu – implementation pending – VSE

Three-tiered roll-up implemented.

Outbound link tracking enabled (and filtered from existing views to preserve ‘natural’ bounce rate).

Outbound Link Tracking

Why are internal (gmu.edu) links appearing as outbound links? They are the same domain so are not expected to appear.

Suggestion: for improved reporting, split outbound links into gmu.edu and non-gmu.edu domain lists.

Google Tag Assistant

Chrome extension

Tag Summary

Tag Assistant recording report
Two tabs: Tag Report and Google Analytics Report

Example 1: Majors and Minors tab of Academics page from Mason homepage

Tag Assistant Report tab: Note two analytics tags (Mason Core and Roll-Up). Note non-standard implementation or Roll-Up. Notice that only the Mason Core tag catches the Academics page tab-click event.

Google Analytics Report tab: Select a particular property/view (Mason Core). Note additional detail, session start, etc.

Example 2: Central Graduate request information form from Mason homepage

Tag Assistant Report tab: note multiple tags on last page.

Google Analytics Report tab: Select a particular property/view (Roll-Up 2.0). Note two sessions. Note source and medium.

Cross-Domain Tracking

What is the issue with the lack of cross-domain tracking.

Segment examples: behavior flow

  • session for all users (looks good)
  • sessions including a visit to Apply Now page (looks different – interesting: note that most sessions including a visit to the apply now page started on the apply now page!)
  • sessions containing a visit to grad inquiry form (looks… not right)

Proof of principle working on admissions website. Planning to implement on Mason core.

We can coordinate with academic units where requested to help link up their analytics with the appropriate Radius web forms.

Analytics Discussion

  • What do we want to be able to track that we can’t currently?
  • What is working well / what isn’t working well?
  • Where do we want to be in a year?
  • Format of meetings?
  • Other suggestions?