Meeting Information

Date: 12/09/2015
Time: 2pm
Location: Enterprise 420a


1) Mason Networking - John Hanks

  • Mason Hostnames/IP Address Ranges
  • To exclude ‘on-campus’ traffic: Filter ISP organization ‘george mason univerity’ plus list of Korea campus IP address range(s).
  • John will provide a list of DNS names from networking database.

2) Revisit custom dimensions - Jan Macario/Dan Collier

  • A) Revisiting Custom Dimensions: how to determine which subdomains are tagged with which business units:
  • Behavior -> Site Content -> All Pages
    Primary Dimension -> Hostname
    Secondary Dimension -> Business Unit

    *Note: records with no data in the business unit field will not appear.

  • B) Proposed Custom Dimensions
    • Business Unit: From organizational chart as represented on domain request form
      • Example: COS, CHSS, Student Life
      • The business units could be taken from the org chart or from ITU’s domain request form
      • ITU’s list seems to already include some of the subgrouping.
        • Alumni Affairs/GMU Foundation
        • Assistive Technology Initiative (ATI)
        • College of Education and Human Development
        • College of Health and Human Services
        • College of Humanities and Social Sciences
        • College of Science
        • College of Visual and Performing Arts
        • Communications and Marketing
        • Compliance, Diversity, and Ethics
        • Environmental Health & Safety
        • Facilities
        • Fiscal Services
        • Government and Community Relations
        • Honors College
        • Human Resources and Payroll
        • ITU, DoIT
        • ITU, TSD
        • Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study
        • New Century College
        • Parking & Transportation
        • Police
        • Provost Office
        • Research & Economic Development
        • School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution
        • School of Law
        • School of Management
        • School of Public Policy
        • University Counsel
        • University Libraries
        • University Life
        • Volgenau School of Engineering
    • Business Unit Subgroup: Proposed.
      • Example: CHSS Academic Sites, CHSS Non-Academic, etc.
    • Site Type: Proposed.
      • Example: CHSS uses these values, which are not meant to work universally: Academic Department, Academic Program, Non-unit Program Site, Center, College, Administrative, Utility, Other

3) Analytics.js explained - Jan Macario

5) Google Tag Manager – Nicole Hitpas

5) New 'best practices' roll-up view - Jan Macario/Dan Collier

Establishing new, best-practices views

New Views:
	- "Roll-Up 2.0 – All Traffic - Effective January 2016” 
		- Includes all traffic. No additional filters beyond best-practice filters.
	- “Roll-Up 2.0 — Off-Campus Traffic Only - Effective January 2016” 
		- Includes only off-campus traffic. Filter to exclude internal traffic by ISP Organization.

View settings:
	- Bot filtering on (view setting)
	- Remove querystring parameters: utf8, _ga

	- Include Hostname in Request URI
	- Lowercase URI
	- Exclude off-campus traffic (off-campus traffic only view)

Custom Dimensions: 
	Business Unit
	Business Unit Subgroup (proposed)
	Site Type (proposed)

6) 2016 Meeting Schedule