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Version 3.3 of the Standard Mason GTM Template Container Released

Version 3.3. of the Mason Standard GTM Container has been released.


  • The auto-link domains list variable is now shared between both roll-up properties.
  • Adds a “Window Loaded” trigger. This can be useful for certain things (for example, adding custom jQuery via a Custom HTML tag).
  • Modifies the “IsLocalWebsite” variable to make it less restrictive. Now the variable only checks to see whether the page hostname ends with the value of the “Hostname – local” variable, meaning that it will work for multiple subdomains when populating the “Hostname – local” variable with an overall domain. Note that when this check is done the “Hostname – local” variable is treated as a regular expression, giving you lots of options (for example, you can use “OR”s to allow one container to be used on multiple domains).