Google Analytics/Microsoft Excel: Top Pages Comparison Reporting Tool

The Microsoft Excel Top Pages Comparison Reporting Tool uses the Analytics Edge Microsoft Excel plugin to automate the process of pulling-in data from GA and running a comparison analysis.

This tool pulls the top pages for two date ranges, and then runs a comparison of how the top pages have changed between those two ranges.

It will:

  • calculate the change in page views for each page,
  • produce summary ‘top 10’ lists of pages with the largest increases, largest decreases, and largest overall changes (increases or decreases),
  • produce a slopegraph-type chart showing the pages with the largest change in pageviews.

If your page views are being tracked in Google Analytics, you can use this tool.

You specify the Google Analytics view ID for the website you want to analyze, and the start- and end-dates of the two date ranges you want to compare. When you hit the ‘Analyze’ button, Excel will automatically calculate the changes and produce the reports.

Since this Excel workbook uses automation, note that you will need to allow Excel to run macros.