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RFI Form Submission Tracking on

At the request of the School of Business, I have implemented custom GA event tracking of RFI form submissions on

When a user on their website clicks the submit button on any of the RFI forms on, Google Analytics will receive an event hit with the following data:

Event Category: form
Event Action: submit
Event Label: [the path of the page the user was on when hitting the submit button]

Here is an example of how this data will look in Google Analytics:

Here is the relevant trigger in Google Tag Manager:

Here is the relevant tag in Google Tag Manager, which is fired by the above trigger:

Note that, technically, this event fires when the form submit button is clicked. Not necessarily when the form is actually submitted.
For example, a user could click the submit button without having filled-in all required fields. This will still cause this event to fire.
However I have limited this tag to firing only once per page, which will avoid duplicates if the above scenario occurs and the user completes the required fields and click the submit button again.

Since clicking the submit button is a good indicator of the users intention, I think this is an acceptable measurement.