Analytics Consultation with CVPA

I met with CVPA to review their analytics and help them set-up some custom reports to track the conversion activity associated with their email marketing campaigns.

We reviewed how to see their conversion information (ticket sales) by campaign, now that they have been campaign-tagging the links in their emails. They use Constant Contact for emailing, but campaign-tagged links in their emails had not been working. By setting-up their campaign-tagged links in, they were able to get them working in Constant Contact. And since we had previously been able to set-up conversion tracking on we are now able to track the whole chain of events from clicking on a campaign-tagged link in an email to the purchase of tickets as a result.

I helped them set-up a flat table custom report to show the conversions by medium/source/campaign that is suitable for setting-up as a scheduled email. We also set-up a drill-down style report showing the same information by in a way that can be explored dynamically.