Private Reporting 30-Day Analytics Review

Google Analytics

Home -> When do your users visit?
Monday is the busiest time

Audience -> Overview
On-campus / off-campus segments
Really low bounce rate

Audience -> Mobile -> Overview
High mobile use. We usually see mobile/desktop split somewhere between 25/75 to 33/66. So 50/50 is high.

Acquisition -> Overview
Organic search as navigation
Little campaign tagging of communications

Acquisition -> All Traffic -> Channels
Bounce rate on social is about double of that for other channels. That is actually probably a good thing, depending on what you’re providing links to.
Select social segment.
Add secondary dimension of landing page.
Note that high bounce links are for specific information items for which you wouldn’t expect many additional page views.
Remove secondary dimension.
Select Reddit segment.
Add secondary dimension of full referrer.
Note reddit threads discussing parking

Acquisition -> Campaigns -> All Campaigns
Very little campaign-tagged activity
Note campaign and source/medium of existing campaign activity

Behavior -> Site Content -> Landing Pages
Parking and then shuttle drive most traffic.
Homepage is number 5 (distant 5 – see pie chart).
Visitor page has high bounce rate. To be expected.

Behavior -> Site Search -> Overview
Site search not configured. Will configure.

Behavior -> Events -> Top Events
Very little video activity.
Select outbound link segment.
Add secondary dimension of Event Label.
Select download segment.
Review downloads.

Begin campaign-tagging communications
Configure goals in Google Analytics
Consider custom tracking for specific items

Action items:
Configure referral exclusion list.
Configure site search tracking.
Send link to Mason campaign URL builder.
Schedule 90-day review