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Google Tag Manager Implemented on

We implemented Google Tag Manager on, by adding the GTM tracking code to the website’s CMS back-end. We then tested to make sure all was working as expected.

The website is still tracking to Sidearm’s Google Analytics account – as it had been since launch – but is now also tracking in parallel to a new account/property we set up for Mason Athletics/, as well as to the university roll-up.

The website is now tracking clicks on outbound links, email links, file links, and embedded YouTube video. (However YouTube video tracking doesn’t apply because the Sidearm platform uses a proprietary video player. I am planning to try to implement Sidearm’s video tracking code within our new Google Tag Manager container to provide video viewing statistics within our new property.

We have also been able to implement cross-domain tracking between the core website and

Since the homepage is served at both as well as at, I also configured the default page setting to combine these two URLs into a single line-item.

We plan to work with Athletics further to help them implement campaign-tagging as well as set-up conversion goals.

Next steps:

  • Provide access to the new GA account/property to relevant stakeholders in Athletics (Athletics will provide list);
  • Implement video tracking code for Sidearm’s proprietary video player from in new GTM container;
  • Work with Athletics to establish website conversion goals;
  • Work with Athletics to implement campaign-tagging on their marketing efforts.