Analytics consultation with Athletics

I met with Andrew Ruge and Greg Kennedy of Mason Athletics to discuss the possibilities for upgrading their analytics implementation.

We discussed web analytics in general, the Mason Analytics roll-up, cross-domain tracking, their current analytics setup pros and cons, and the option for implementing Google Tag Manager on their website platform in order to collect additional data.

We also went on to discuss the longer-term importance of setting-up conversion goals in their analytics, as well as using campaign-tagging in their marketing efforts.

They agreed to move forward with implementing GTM on their website, which will enable us to include them in the Mason roll-up property and set-up cross-domain tracking. I will go ahead and set-up a new analytics account/property/views for them as well as a Google Tag Manager container for their website, and will work with Greg to implement the GTM code on their website when those are configured and ready.

We plan to keep their existing tracking system in place so that their website will continue to collect analytics data to their old account in parallel with our new tracking. Their existing analytics account collects data on video views from the platform’s proprietary video player. I hope that we may be able to ‘reverse-engineer’ the API for their video player in order to include video analytics in their new GA property, but am not yet sure how possible that will be.