Analytics Consultation with Government and Community Relations

I met with Government and Community Relations to review changes I had made to their analytics setup.

I added some custom code in Google Tag Manager to provide GA events for people completing any of the speaker search forms. (There are multiple forms so that you can search by different methods.)
I also set-up conversion goals in GA for these speaker search events.

I reviewed with them how this was set up and how they could see conversion rates by traffic segment.

We also reviewed campaign-tagging and how it relates to measuring the conversion rate of their marketing activities.

I need to work with Stephanie Werhane to make some changes to the speaker search page HTML: namely adding HTML ID values to the search forms and related search links so that these can be tracked via GTM in a simpler way than what I had to do for the first iteration.

I also need to add a second conversion goal for the ‘request a speaker’ form.