Consultation with Enrollment Management Regarding Campaign Tagging

I spoke with Enrollment Management and reviewed with them how the undergraduate admissions emails were being campaign-tagged and how it can be displayed in Google Analytics.

EM appears to be doing a good job of consistently campaign-tagging undergraduate admission emails. I think the current campaign-tagging schema works well to collect the information they need and allows them to ‘slice’ it in helpful ways.

Here is a quick overview of how admissions emails are being campaign-tagged now:

medium = email
source = admissions connect
campaign = [region] (northeast, junior, nova ova, west, south, midwest, honors…)
content = [phase of admissions process] (inquiry, admitted, prospect…)

It does not appear that undergraduate admissions is campaign-tagging their social media links. If you want to track activity on the website resulting from your social media posts, we should implement campaign-tagging for social media posts.

I also posed the following questions:

1) Conversions?: Currently we have set-up tracking goals for the core website for clicks-over to the undergraduate application and to the graduate application. Are there any other specific goals they want to track on the website(s)?

2) Graduate?: Does the Office of Graduate Admissions ever send emails or engage in social media posting which they would like to track? Or do all graduate admissions communications come from the colleges?

3) Financial Aid?: Does the Office of Student Financial Aid ever send emails or engage in social media posting which you would want to track?

4) Printed materials: do EM departments have printed materials with links to the website that they would like to track?

5) Advertising: any online advertising?