Consultation with MCAA

I met with Pam Muirheid of CVPA and Candy Neukam of Mason Community Arts Academy (formerly Potomac Arts Academy) to discuss their analytics.

We talked about:

  • how to resolve cross-domain tracking issues. They use a third-party registration website ( for their program registrations. The same GA property ID is used on both websites, but they have not been configured to allow for proper tracking of cross-domain traffic.
  • campaign tagging. We reviewed the benefits and principles of campaign-tagging, and the Mason Campaign URL builder, and discussed strategies for campaign tagging for their marketing activities.
  • Google Analytics goals. We discussed and reviewed setting-up goals in GA: why use goals, what kinds of goals they might like to track, etc. Specifically, we discussed setting up goals for: clicking over to their registration website, completing an online registration, setting up a new user account for registration, etc.
  • general Google Analytics techniques – how to pull out the data they are interested in.