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Analytics Implementation Updates: CHHS

Updated below.

The following CHHS websites will be launching soon:


The existing CHHS website is being revised and will still be available at
The sub-sections of the websites will be broken-out into the individual websites listed above.

In preparation for the launch of the new websites, I have prepared Google Analytics properties for the new websites.

Since the existing CHHS website contains all of the content that will be broken-out into the new separate websites, we will be using the existing GA property as the new CHHS roll-up property, which will aggregate tracking data from all of their individual websites. The new CHHS website, along with the other new websites, will all get their own individual GA properties.

I have also created, populated, and published a set of new GTM containers for the new websites in Google Tag Manager. These containers were set-up with the version 3.2 of the Mason standard GTM container functionality, which most-likely covers all the standard tracking elements they will need, and will do so it in a manner consistent with other Mason websites.

One thing that remains to be resolved is how to best recreate the existing functionality that was added by Summit Media from their existing CHHS GTM container in the new containers. Much of this material will have to be revised for use on the new website. For example, many of the triggers in the old/existing container are based on particular page paths unique to the old/existing website.
For example (an excerpt):

Audience – Global and Community Health
Page View
Page URL contains /gch/
Page URL contains /public-health/

Audience – HAP
Page View
Page URL contains /hap/
Page URL contains /health-policy/
Page URL contains /hap-health-informatics/

Audience – Nursing
Page View
Page URL contains /nursing/
Page URL contains /mvp-nursing/
Page URL contains /rn-to-bsn-program/

Audience – Social Work
Page View
Page URL contains /socialwork/
Page URL contains /social-work-msw/

For one thing: on the new sites, these paths will likely not be valid.

Furthermore, since many of these website sections will now exist as stand-alone websites, some of these custom triggers may not be needed at all.
For example, the Nursing Audience trigger based on particular paths may be able to be accomplished with a standard “All Pages” trigger in the GTM container for the new nursing website.
Therefore there is a good possibility that much of Summit Media’s existing content can be simplified under the new websites.

UPDATE – 20171219: The Summit Media campaign ended December 15th, so their custom additions likely do not need to be moved over to the new GTM containers.