Analytics Consultation with CVPA about third-party permissions

I met with Stacey Schwartz of CVPA to discuss strategies for providing access to their third-party digital marketing vendor, Capacity Interactive.

We have provided them with “read” access to the production views for and, so they can see the analytics.

We have also provided them with “edit” (but not “publish”) access to the GTM containers for and They will be able to make changes but not publish them. When they are ready to implement their changes, they can let us know and we can review their changes and publish them.

To help keep the GTM containers organized, and to keep their additions separate from our standard GTM tracking elements, we have also asked them to:

  • prefix the names of anything they add to the GTM container (tags, triggers, variables, etc.) with “CI -“ (CI dash – short for Capacity Interactive). This will help us keep these additions organized and separate from our other standard tracking elements as they will sort together alphabetically.
  • place any of the items that they add to the GTM container (tags, triggers, variables, etc.) in the folder “02 third-party additions”.

These two practices will help us keep those GTM containers organized.