Mason Athletics Analytics Background


Mason Athletics manages the website

The website is run on a CMS platform supported by a third-party vendor called Sidearm Sports.

The Mason contact person at sidearm sports is:
Josh Hazard

The CMS offers a some options to customize/improve the analytics, add tracking code, etc.

The area to add additional tracking code to the website via the CMS is:
CMS -> Left menu -> Promotional Items -> Ads/Promos -> Tracking Tags

A CMS user with permissions for the “promotional items” section should be able to access/edit this section.

We should be able to add the GTM JavaScript snippet in that field.

Next Steps

There are a few things that I would suggest implementing:

1) include traffic in the university roll-up;
2) implement cross-domain tracking between the and domains;
3) collect additional tracking data, such as clicks on outbound links, email links, file downloads (such as PDFs), etc.