Consultation with Volgenau about Campaign-Tagging for Upcoming Video Contest

I spoke with Martha Bushong from Volgenau today about implementing campaign-tagging for communications surrounding their upcoming video contest.

They plan to spread-the-word about the contest with emails from both their grad and undergraduate divisions, posts on social media, and flyers and postcards.

We discussed their options and strategy for campaign-tagging and used the Mason capaign URL builder to generate their campaign-tagged links for use in their communications.

Here are the campaign-tagged URLs that they are planning to use:

Target URL Medium Source Campaign Content Term Tagged URL email vse-ug videocontest2018 email vse-gr videocontest2018 social vse-facebook videocontest2018 social vse-twitter videocontest2018 print vse videocontest2018 flyer print vse videocontest2018 postcard