Consultation with Housing and Residence Life

I met with a representative from Housing and Residence Life to discuss analytics on their website.

  • I renamed their GA account to Mason Housing and Residence Life.
  • Their GA property for should be moved within the University Life account.
  • I created a GTM account for, and set-up the standard Mason GTM container.
  • I implemented GTM on their new Drupal website. They are now receiving additional tracking data and are now contributing data to both the Mason roll-up and the University Life roll-up.
  • I deleted an old property they had in their account for an old conferences website.
  • I set-up the 3 standard views on their property (raw, test, and prod).
  • I set-up filters to implement site search tracking.
  • I added some annotations representing some site milestones.
  • We discussed the importance of setting-up goals in their analytics. A few specific goals for them include submissions of their various housing applications. Housing applications are managed by a third-party vendor, so we will need to explore the analytics integrations options they provide.
  • We discussed the importance of campaign-tagging. They are getting ready to start sending communications about the housing application process across multiple media and would like to use campaign-tagging for these communications.