Meeting with CVPA

I met with Pam Muirheid of CVPA to discuss some general analytics questions, as well as to address some specific questions from the director of the Potomac Arts academy.

We discussed:

  • bounce rates – what counts as a bounce and what does not;
  • campaign tagging – strategies for campaign tagging their email communciations and reviewed the campaign URL builder;
  • custom segments – setting-up custom segments to determine how certain sub-groups of users interact with the website;
  • the behavior flow report – techniques to identify how users navigate through the website;
  • custom reports – ways that custom reports can be used to provide specific data that could not be captured from the standard GA reports;
  • Google search queries that led people to their website – we set-up search console data sharing and reviewed the data that is available;
  • specific issues with cross-domain tracking for Potomac Arts Academy – PAA has at least 3 different domain names, and their cross-domain tracking has not been fully set-up leading to issues such as self-referrals, duplicate sessions, and ambiguity in GA reports.