Consultation with Potomac Arts Academy

I, along with Pam Muirheid of CVPA, met with the staff of the Potomac Arts Academy to review their current analytics setup to determine if there were any improvements that we could make.

We had a very productive meeting and they were very receptive to our proposed improvements and suggestions.

  • Their current analytics was in a separate account all-by-itself. We moved their existing property into the main CVPA Google Analytics account to improve organization and maintainability.
  • We fixed a number of existing configuration issues with their property/view setup, including updating the referral exclusion list and the view filters.
  • We created the standard three GA views (production, unfiltered, and test).
  • We implemented Google Tag Manager on their website by implementing a WordPress plugin to provide for GTM integration, and we set-up a GTM container for their site using the Mason standard GTM container functionality.
  • We set-up their website’s analytics implementation to include their analytics data in the CVPA roll-up.
  • We discussed possible next-steps to improve their marketing analytics, including campaign-tagging strategy and vanity/redirect links for printed marketing materials.